Sunday, June 23, 2024


Substitution of boiler fuel for heating purposes by waste wood biomass in the public buildings of Panagyurishte Municipality.
Summary: The objective of the project is to substitute boiler fuel for heating purposes by wood residues in the following public buildings: 
  • The administrative building of the municipality;
  • The local hospital;
  • Three local schools;
  • Three kindergartens.
Currently, the above-mentioned buildings have a totaling year consumption of 457 tons of boiler fuel. The project provides for installation of a shredding machine for production of energy wood pieces (wood chips) from forest biomass and wood residues.  This type of fuel will ensure the work of new modern automated combustion systems for each of the objects. The annual economic effect will amount to EUR 347 000 while the harmful (CO2) emissions from the chimneys of the heating systems are almost equal to zero. After burning the fuel away, some ash remain that can be used as fertilizer for some plants.
This project will create new jobs, because workforce is needed for collection and primary treatment of wood-residues and biomass. 
The investment maid will be fully paid off in a three-year period. Calls for tender have been developed by REAP for implementation of EE measures and substitution of the oil fuel by biomass.  
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