Sunday, June 23, 2024

SUM project

This project encourages the exchange of experiences and knowledge for the identification of good practices in the promotion and development of sustainable mobility by using cleaner and environmentally friendly transportation.
The overall project objective is SUM contributes to the promotion and consolidation of sustainable transport modes through interregional cooperation. This overall target is broken down into:
  • Promoting the sharing of knowledge and discuss on regional best practices that benefit sustainable mobility, creating a greater awareness in the field of sustainable urban mobility.
  • Improvement of the regions with less experience in more friendly transportation modes, so they can work together with other more advanced regions in this field, increasing their knowledge and expertise.
  • Identify the most effective practices to ensure that citizens adopt more sustainable behaviours and habits in urban mobility, analyzing information and awareness campaigns to show the advantages that these new methods offer to the society.
  • Specify a plan of action steps in each region as a result of the project.
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