Sunday, June 23, 2024

EPLACE project

This project aims to extend the uptake of energy efficient & saving services technologies through the set-up of a Green Cities Network of Real Living Labs. Digital services will be delivered through a global modular platform, which innovative focus makes possible to analyze and to act from one single decision-making control point over many types of variables. This project aims to demonstrate and validate an open architecture and user-centred platform capable to provide Urban Managers with a new level of energy consumption understanding and remote control functionalities over their already existing infrastructure of Buildings and Public Street Lightning.
This project’s platform it is composed by the following technological pieces:
  • Smart Energy Monitoring Management Service
  • Smart street-lighting monitoring and control system
  • Control systems
  • Recommendation system
This project endeavours with this model to rise Urban Managers and Public workers understanding, acceptance & awareness by means of an easy to use platform and an informative interface in order to promote good practices and behaviours to save energy and reduce GHG emissions (alarms, recommendations, statistics, monetary savings)
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