Sunday, June 23, 2024

Kick-off Meeting of project EAGER “Easing Agrophotovoltaics for Europe”

EAGER helps policymakers in promoting agrophotovoltaics to foster harmony between agriculture and open-space solar systems.


From 24th to 26th April, the Kick-off Meeting for project EAGER  brought together the consortium from 9 countries, totaling 14 partners at the Technology Centre for Energy (TZE) in Ruhstorf an der Rott, Germany. The event was organized in a hybrid mode, allowing a wider audience to join the exciting event.

The meeting started with partner organisations presenting themselves, followed by an overview of the project’s work plan by the Lead Partner TZE. During the workshop held on 25th April, the partners engaged in discussions centered around the methodology of the joint study, good practices, and organized future study visits. Additionally, a review of project communication was carried out by the Regional Energy Agency of Pazardzhik (REAP), and the Lead Partner provided insights into project management and reporting activities, which fostered constructive exchanges on administrative issues.

26th April, the second day started with an opening speech by the Mayor of Ruhstorf an der Rott, who extended a warm welcome to all the partners and stakeholders. The event continued with a wider presentation of the EAGER project, that provided deeper insights into its objectives and scope. Each participating region then shared their policy instrument – presenting its main features and potential for improvement.

The Kick-off Meeting concluded with a renewed sense of commitment and enthusiasm among partners, giving the starting kick for a successful implementation of project EAGER.


More about EAGER:

With the EU aiming for significant renewable energy expansion, agro-photovoltaic (APV) systems can bridge land optimization difficulties by combining solar energy production with crop cultivation on the same parcel of land. APV also offers investment opportunities for numerous stakeholders and fosters collaboration with local communities in their transition to renewable energy.

The EAGER project facilitates the adoption of agro-photovoltaic systems across partner regions. By fostering a shared understanding of this technology, identifying best practices, and enhancing policy instruments, this project is paving the way for a greener future.

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