Thursday, July 25, 2024

Final Dissemination Event of the project “The Music Balkan Train for Peace“ in Kochani, North Macedonia

In the period of 29th of June – 1th of July 2024 a project partners meeting and final dissemination event of the project “The Music Balkan Train for Peace” took place in Kochani, North Macedonia.

The first day of the event started with a welcoming speech by a representative of the North Macedonian partner. Then the tasks and objectives of the events were described.

After that, the achieved project results and activities that were carried out during the project were analyzed. The partners discussed the following and final steps of the project.

On the second day, the final dissemination event started with a welcoming speech from the mayor of Kochani, North Macedonia. A presentation of realized project activities and achieved project results was done by the Macedonian Primary Music School “Risto Jurukov”-Kochani by their school team leader.

The project results were presented to the local stakeholders. The first project result, “Training course toolkit development”, was presented by the Greek partner, NGO AID. The second project result, “Policy brief recommendation for stakeholders”, was presented by the Bulgarian partner, Association ”Center for Sustainability and Economic Growth”.

Then, each of the three project partner schools from Bulgaria, Greece, and North Macedonia presented a musical video that they created related to the topics of fighting radicalization, xenophobia, hate speech, and racism.

The event ended with a winning ceremony where the best students’ team from Primary Music School “Risto Jurukov”-Kochani were rewarded by the school principal and students shared their impressions from participation in this exciting European initiative – what they learned, how they managed the tasks, and created friendships with students from other participating schools from Larissa, and Pazardzhik.